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    Health & Fitness

    It is the responsibility of all walkers to ensure that they are physically fit enough to take part in the walks selected.

    Take note of the terrain descriptions and the mileage of the walks.

    Carry both sun protection and wet weather protection.

    Please select walks that best suit you.

    Parents/Guardians are solely responsible for selecting walks to suit the abililties of their children.

    Please inform the Walk Leader of any relevant health conditions.

    Footwear & Clothing

    Please wear suitable walking boots or shoes.

    Prepare in relation to the distance of your walk.

    Bring waterproofs and warm clothing as required.

    The walk leaders may exercise their right to refuse to take ill-equipped walkers.

    Food & Drink

    Bring drinks and snacks as required.

    Full day walks will indicate lunch arrangements.

    At the end of your walk you may have the option of a pub/cafe visit with your group.

    Please don't rely on visiting these, or shops, as a source of refreshment during the walks.